is a Hindi content publishing website, which always focusses on making user's experience good and smooth. This Hindi blog website is governed by its privacy policy very strictly. we keep many ways through which users can contact us & get registered to our website for additional features.

User Information

Our website is highly secured and whatever Information we collect from users that's too secured. we are committed to not to share user's personal information with any third party organization. All information collected by our site is secured in the database.

Usage of Information

There is a clearly defined privacy on our website, which sometimes allows us to use third-party advertisements on that's why, Sometimes we present the information to our advertisers to help them to understand our website and our audience to confirm the value of advertisement on our website too.

Modification of Privacy Policy

Lastly, We keep the right to update and modify our privacy policy. If you have any queries regarding our privacy policy then you can contact us at the following e-mail address.

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